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Government of Canada Invests in Marketing Opportunities for Canadian Canola Industry

Government of Canada Invests in Marketing Opportunities for Canadian Canola Industry

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - The canola industry will be better positioned to tap new markets and increase existing markets as a result of a more than $1 million investment from the Government of Canada. Randy Hoback, Member of Parliament for Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, made the announcement today at the Canola Council of Canada's (CCC) Summer Meeting on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.

"Canola is a great Canadian success story and our growers are responsible for producing the world's finest canola," said MP Hoback. "By helping the industry enter new markets and maintain existing ones, this investment will put more money into farmers' pockets and help strengthen the entire economy."

This investment will allow the CCC to highlight Canadian canola's superior health and quality characteristics, and will help it implement long-term international strategies which include market development as well as consumer awareness and branding.

"About 85 percent of canola grown in Canada is exported, so our marketing efforts are incredibly important to the health of our entire industry," said Canola Council of Canada President JoAnne Buth. "This investment will enable us to continue to maintain and develop markets around the world. It's great news for our farmers, input suppliers, crushers and exporters."

In 2010, Canada exported more than 12 million metric tonnes of canola seed, oil, and meal worth more than $6 billion to key markets including Japan, the U.S., Mexico and China. Canada is the number one exporter of canola in the world.

This $1.1 million investment is provided through the $88 million AgriMarketing program, under Growing Forward, which helps industry associations implement long-term international strategies including activities such as international market development, industry-to-industry trade advocacy, and consumer awareness and branding.

The Government of Canada has also developed the Canada Brand strategy to help the Canadian agriculture, agri-food, fish and seafood sector distinguish itself from key competitors in international markets. The Canada Brand encourages buyers overseas to link Canadian products, such as canola oil, with quality, commitment, trustworthiness and the clean land and water for which Canada is known.

Tools and promotional products, including a stylized maple leaf logo, are available to registered Canada Brand members, including the CCC, to help them develop marketing strategies and activities adapted to their own circumstances.

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Source: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada