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Positivity Will Help Push Canola Industry Ahead

Canadian canola producers could benefit from a good dose of positivity, says the former head of the Reform Party of Canada.

"Canada needs more positive thinking," said Preston Manning, Reform party founder and head of the Manning Centre for Building Democracy, a Calgarybased think-tank dedicated to the development of political entrepreneurs guided by conservative principles.

Manning gave the closing speech of the 2011 Canola Council of Canada Conference Thursday in Saskatoon.

Manning believes the industry could improve itself in three ways: Through positive thinking, continued innovation and action. The industry has lots to be positive about, said Manning, who highlighted the strength of Canadian economy. A majority government will allow leaders to tackle issues and the Canadian West is emerging as a new centre of power, he said.

"After many years of struggle, I think it's safe to say that the West is in," Manning said.

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