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Corn Fungicide Applications: 3 Benefits for Your Crops

May 04, 2023

Video: Corn Fungicide Applications: 3 Benefits for Your Crops

Making the decision to invest in a fungicide is an important decision for farmers, and many farmers wonder what exactly they get when applying a fungicide. In this video, Pioneer Field Agronomist Mike Navarrete shows 3 benefits of applying a fungicide to your corn this year. The first benefit is stress reduction. The most critical growth stage for corn is between the VT and R1 stage of your corn’s life cycle, so applying a fungicide during this time frame can help reduce stress. The second benefit is late harvest standability. A fungicide application can help maintain plant health throughout the growing season, helping it to start clean and stay clean, leading to great plant health at the end of the season, improving standability. The third benefit is increased yield. Through many on-farm trials and research studies, Pioneer has found time and again that applying a fungicide increases yield, giving you a great return on your investment