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Corn Rootworm: How to Trap and Manage the Pest

Jul 23, 2020

Video: Corn Rootworm: How to Trap and Manage the Pest

In this video, Pioneer Field Agronomist William Wynn discusses the damage that corn rootworm can cause in your fields, how to manage the pest, and how to trap the pest to measure pressure. There are two main species of corn rootworm: northern corn rootworm and western corn rootworm. Sticky rootworm traps can be placed in fields to help determine the amount of pressure your fields are under from rootworm, helping you make better informed management decisions. It’s recommended to hang the traps at ear height, where the rootworm’s main food source is. If you have 50 or more beetles each week in your traps, you should expect a large rootworm pressure in the next year, and are advised to take management steps to control the pest such as: rotation, fungicide applications, hybrid selection with good root scores, and insecticides.