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OFA: Road Safety Refresher for Farm Equipment

Apr 17, 2017

By Mark Reusser, Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

It’s the time of year when farm equipment hits the roadways again, traveling from farm to farm and field to field. To farmers, traveling roadways with large equipment is part of doing business and a necessary day to day task of spring planting. Not many of us pause to consider the many regulations that govern our roadways, or are completely familiar with the exceptions that help us move large farm equipment along Ontario’s roads.

Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act regulates everything from vehicle licensing and classifications to load restrictions and transportation issues. A timely reminder of Highway Traffic Act regulations for farm equipment was presented in a recent webinar hosted by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA). More than 125 members participated in the webinar that reviewed key terms, rules of the road, towing, licensing requirements, restrictions and other important areas the Highway Traffic Act impacts farm equipment traveling roadways.

The webinar was a great refresher for Ontario farmers. There are a lot of regulations within the Highway Traffic Act that can affect the business of farming as we take to the roads with our tractors, equipment and trucks. It’s our responsibility to know the rules of the road that apply to farm equipment, self-propelled vehicles, load restrictions and towing requirements. The webinar provided a helpful reminder for Ontario farmers as they head out on the roads this spring and throughout the upcoming growing and harvesting season.

For more information on these key reminders and additional information on farm vehicle regulations within the Highway Traffic Act, see the Keeping your Wheels on the Road presentation on OFA’s homepage at Additional factsheets on road safety are also available under the transportation issues section at
OFA wishes all Ontario farmers a successful season and to travel safe this spring.

Source: OFA