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How to Backfill a Trench | John Deere Wheel Loaders

Apr 22, 2021

Video: How to Backfill a Trench | John Deere Wheel Loaders

Real tips from real operators. Learn how to backfill a trench efficiently as John Deere Professional Heavy Equipment Operator Shad Wood shares his tips and tricks.

When backfilling a trench with a wheel loader, the operator can leave material in the bucket and use the bucket much like a dozer, pushing the material, in first gear, to fall back into the trench. This is more efficient than dumping the bucket every time and puts soil back into the trench quicker.

When the trench is partially backfilled, the operator can begin to work at an angle, making sure to keep the tire closest to the trench on the backfill side. If the excavated pile of material is too high, the operator should roll the material to build a ramp before pushing the material into the trench.