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‘A dedication to innovations:’ Monsanto announces continued research to support farmers
‘A dedication to innovations:’ Monsanto announces continued research to support farmers

‘A dedication to innovations:’ Monsanto announces continued research to support farmers

The company advanced more than 20 projects through its digital pipeline


By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter


Farmers may be excited to hear that Monsanto has some new and improved products in the works to help them deal with modern agronomic problems.

Yesterday, Monsanto announced the advancements flowing through its research and development pipeline during its 2018 R&D Pipeline Media Call.

Some of the projects Monsanto is advancing through its digital pipeline include:

  • Tracepta technology: This product is intended for areas of the U.S. that see high pressure from below-ground insects — such as fall armyworms, corn earworms, corn borers and cutworms — but where above-ground caterpillar pests are less of an issue, Dr. Robert Fraley, executive vice-president and chief technology officer for Monsanto, said during the call. The technology is set to launch this year.
  • SmartStax Pro: This product, which battles corn rootworm, is continuing through the fourth phase of the R&D pipeline. Monsanto has begun some early licencing discussions about this product with other companies.
  • Disease diagnosis with the Climate Corporation: This technology, which uses artificial intelligence to identify and diagnose crop diseases in farmers’ fields, advanced from development to the pre-commercial phase. The initial version will target corn, soybeans and wheat. (The Climate Corporation is a subsidiary of Monsanto Company.)

Last year, the company advanced a record number of projects spanning across all of their platforms, Fraley said.

In fact, 2017 marked the seventh consecutive year that Monsanto has moved projects forward for each of its platforms and the fifth consecutive year the company has seen more than 20 pipeline advancements.

“Whether it’s breeding, biotech, ag biologicals, crop protection or digital ag at Climate, we’re seeing progress,” Fraley said.

And Monsanto plans to continue new research and to improve upon existing technology to benefit the agricultural industry.

“Our team’s commitment to this annual pipeline showcase is founded in a dedication to innovations that support farmers as they work to meet food security needs of society while using natural resources more efficiently,” said Fraley. “Our research is aimed at improving grower productivity and sustainability regardless of where they farm, the (amount of) land they farm, or what agricultural practices they choose to deploy in their farming operations.”



Photo: gilaxia/Getty Images