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Bilberry’s Targeted Herbicide Application Solution

Bilberry’s Targeted Herbicide Application Solution

Real-Time Spot Spraying Technology = Cost Savings

By Ryan Ridley

PTx Trimble-owned Bilberry is a spot spraying system that is transforming herbicide application, offering farmers a cost-effective solution for weed management. 

This innovative system utilizes advanced cameras to identify weeds in the field accurately and spot sprays them in real-time. spoke with Cory Buchs, Senior Product Director for Trimble about Bilberry. 

According to Buchs, by distinguishing between weeds and crops, Bilberry’s system ensures precise herbicide application, minimizing chemical usage and maximizing cost savings for farmers. 

The Bilberry system's efficacy lies in its ability to target weeds directly, reducing herbicide wastage and environmental impact. By triggering spraying only when weeds are detected, farmers can achieve up to 90% savings on herbicide costs, making it a sustainable and economical choice for weed control.  

Currently undergoing testing in multiple countries, Bilberry stands out for its compatibility with existing sprayers and application control systems, enabling farmers to adopt the technology without significant expenses. 

One of the key advantages of the Bilberry system is its ease of integration with existing farm equipment, allowing farmers to leverage the benefits of precision herbicide application without the need for costly machinery upgrades.  

PTx Trimble aims to make the Bilberry system accessible to farmers by offering comprehensive support through their network of dealers explains Buchs. 

Farmers can reach out to their local PTx Trimble dealer to learn more about adopting this technology and realizing its benefits on their farms. 

When it comes to herbicide reduction, this technology will be a game-changer for farmers. Especially as it is retrofittable on existing equipment. 

As agriculture embraces precision technologies, Buchs says that Bilberry will emerge as a valuable tool for optimizing herbicide application and maximizing farm profitability. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Bilberry spot spraying system. 

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