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A Green (Party) View on Canada’s Ag Present and Future

A Green (Party) View on Canada’s Ag Present and Future

The Green Party of Canada talked with about its agricultural platform heading into Election 2021.

Andrew Joseph,

On Monday, September 20, 2021, Canadians will vote to determine the next Prime Minister, members of the House of Commons to the 44th Canadian Parliament, and the path Canada will take in the near future.

For Canadians—whether they realize it or not—how the federal government handles its agricultural, and thus farmers and farm industry, is of great importance. contacted agriculture party critics from the federal NDP, Green Party of Canada, and the Conservative Party, as well as the reigning Liberal Party’s minister of agriculture for their party’s view on how they see the agriculture sector and offer insight on what the future may hold should they take power.

We are still waiting to confirm participation from the Liberals and the Conservatives agriculture critics. 

Beginning our video series: the Green Party of Canada. The official agriculture party critic, but non-candidate, Dr. Maria Rodriguez recently discussed her party’s view on the Canadian ag landscape and what the plan is going forward. 

View the NDP video.

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