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Ag month kicks off in Sask.

Ag month kicks off in Sask.

Farmers and ranchers are encouraged to share their stories to celebrate ag

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People who work in the ag industry have an extra reason to celebrate their sector: it is agriculture month in Saskatchewan.

“Agriculture month is … all about celebrating everything in agriculture – right from the farmers and ranchers in Saskatchewan all the way to the people who consume the food and everyone in between. It's a month to discuss, and really celebrate, everything agriculture,” said Clinton Monchuk.

He is the executive director for Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan. Usually, the Government of Saskatchewan announces agriculture month but, because the writ dropped on Sept. 29, Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan took the reins this time.

As with many events and celebrations this year, staff at Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan had to alter plans for how to celebrate ag safely.

“We have quite a few online events that people can take part in. It's going to be a little bit different because we won't have a barbecue or meet and greet at grocery stores like we typically did, but we will have things like live Facebook tours of chicken barns or cattle farms,” Monchuk told

Industry leaders encourage farmers and ranchers to share their stories.

“When you give your personal experience, it's valued to a higher degree than spewing out some fact,” said Monchuk. “We want farmers and ranchers to create some discussion and dialogue with others.”

While it can sometimes be dauting for producers to take that first step and share online or have a conversation about their operation, it’s important to help circulate truthful information about agriculture, said Monchuk.

“It really is key (to share information) and make sure that consumers understand where their food is comes from. If (consumers) have questions, they know where to go to ask. If we don't post and we don't open those lines of communication, they'll go to other places to get that information and it may not be truthful,” he said.

Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan’s website has resources and information for ag month. People can also enter to win a $250 Co-op gift card by using the hashtag #celebrateag on social media.


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