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AGCO unveils unmanned aerial vehicle

SOLO provides farmers with the tools to better survey their fields

By Diego Flammini,

As farmers continue to look for better, more efficient ways to survey their fields and increase yields, they sometimes find themselves looking to the skies.

UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), more commonly referred to as drones, give farmer’s a bird’s eye view of the fields and can allow them to tackle issues; sometimes before they even occur.

AGCO is the latest player in the UAV game and released their machine, SOLO AGCO Edition.

"We thought through everything a farmer needs to not only scout their fields, but also collect useful data beneficial to managing their farm and improving yields and efficiency," said Jeff Punter, manager of purchasing for AGCO Parts.

The kit includes two cameras – an RGB (red, green, blue) camera for imaging and near-infrared camera for monitoring plant health and one year of Agribiotix imaging software.

The drone comes with four batteries and is able to scout up to 240 acres in one trip. Customizable settings can allow the user to fly at speeds reaching 55 mph and into winds as strong as 25 mph.

AGCO said the drone was created with simplicity at the forefront.

"The Solo AGCO Edition is our field mapping solution for the everyday farmer," says Darren Parker, director of sales and marketing for AGCO Parts. "You do not need to be tech savvy to operate this UAV, you just need to be able to press launch."

The new SOLO AGCO Edition will be on display at the Farm Progress Show, taking place in Decatur, Illinois from Tuesday, September 1st to Thursday, September 3rd.

Join the conversation and tell us if you currently use drones to scout your fields. What benefits have you seen from its usage?

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