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Assiniboine Community College launches swine program

Assiniboine Community College launches swine program

The Swine Production Foundations Program will start accepting students in December

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Manitoba college is offering a new swine production program.

Assiniboine Community College’s Swine Production Foundations Program will begin accepting students next month.

Developed together with Manitoba Pork, the online and self-directed course will provide learners “with an understanding of swine operations, including regulations, health and safety, record keeping, and barn systems and maintenance,” the school said in a Nov. 7 release.

The program consists of three courses.

Swine Operation Foundation explores the responsibilities of a swine technician related to swine operations. The structure and scope of the swine industry, including biosecurity, is also discussed.

Professionalism for Swine Tech teaches students about preparing for and understanding the workplace, interacting efficiently, and sharing organizational visions.

And Swine Production Practices 1 looks at stockmanship and animal welfare responsibilities. Production practices throughout a pig’s life ang pig health care, are also taught.

About 14,000 Manitobans rely on the hog sector for their income. And over 2,500 of those people are employed on-farm as swine technicians or managers.

Having this program available to people interested in working in the swine sector ensures the province’s hog sector remains in good hands.

"We are thrilled to have worked with Assiniboine Community College on this program as we seek to train a new generation of farm owners and staff that will carry on the tradition of being global leaders in animal care,” Rick Préjet, chairman of the Manitoba Pork Council, said in a statement.

Assiniboine expects to bring two additional programs geared towards swine technicians in 2023.

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