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Bringing Canadian bacon to China

Bringing Canadian bacon to China

Two Ontario businesses to sign a $2.5-million deal with Chinese producer

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer

The Canadian pork industry celebrated a milestone achievement at the Ontario Pork Congress today.

Shortly before noon, Mr. Yan, president of the Inner Mongolia Dahaoheshaw Agriculture and Husbandry Science and Technology Co. Ltd. in China, signed a contract to purchase 1,000 nucleus purebred pigs and 1,000 doses of frozen swine semen from Ontario-based companies.

Alliance Genetics Canada (AGC), a swine genetics company headquartered in St. Thomas, Ont., will provide the genetics for this deal. Donaldson International Inc., a family-owned business in Tavistock, Ont. that has exported pigs to more than 50 countries, will supply the live animals and semen.

In addition, the Canadian companies will offer swine management training to staff at Inner Mongolia.

The deal is valued over $2.5 million.

During their visit in Canada this week, “the buyers will select the boars they want the semen from,” Jim Donaldson, owner of Donaldson International Inc., told last week.

The representatives will also select the live animals they want to purchase, he said.



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