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Capitol hill faces call for agricultural labor reform


Farmers and ranchers from across the country assembled on Capitol Hill to spotlight the escalating labor crisis in agriculture. The focus of their advocacy is the H2-A labor program, which they argue is beset with financial and bureaucratic hurdles, making it untenable for the farming sector to rely on. 

The agricultural sector's plea includes two primary requests - halting the increase in the Adverse Effect Wage Rate and pausing the disaggregated worker pay rates implemented in 2023. These measures are seen as essential steps to alleviate the financial and administrative strain on farmers, making it increasingly difficult to maintain operations due to labor shortages. 

This labor crisis, brewing for over two decades, has reached a tipping point, pushing the agriculture industry to seek immediate legislative and policy interventions. The challenges posed by the H2-A program have not only made it difficult for farms to secure necessary labor but have also led to discussions about the viability of agricultural businesses moving forward. 

The campaign for H2-A reform is not just about securing a workforce; it's about preserving the very fabric of American agriculture. By engaging with policymakers and drawing public attention to the issue, farmers hope to initiate a meaningful dialogue that leads to sustainable solutions. 

As the push for reform gains momentum, the collective voice of the agricultural community on Capitol Hill underscores the urgent need for action. It's a call for support that extends beyond the fields, aiming to secure the future of farming in the United States through thoughtful policy changes and increased awareness of the labor challenges facing the industry.

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