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Celebrating Ag education through local farm bureau events


The American Farm Bureau Federation annually celebrates the innovative efforts of county Farm Bureaus in engaging with communities through educational and promotional activities related to agriculture.

In Kentucky, the Mercer County Farm Bureau captured the essence of local commerce with its Farm Bureau Market Night, where attendees were immersed in the local agricultural economy through an engaging market setup, driving home the value of supporting local growers.

Missouri's Cape Girardeau County Farm Bureau captivated new audiences with an agricultural-themed train ride, "Choo Choo Choose Agriculture!" Doubling the event's offering to meet demand, it provided an educational journey through agriculture, complemented by hands-on activities and information sessions.

Clark County Farm Bureau in Nevada addressed the educational needs of small and urban agriculturalists through a comprehensive conference, covering topics from beekeeping to agritourism, alongside crucial business management skills.

Ohio was not left behind, with Fayette County Farm Bureau's "Farm to Fork Goes to Town" inviting urban dwellers to explore agriculture through a unique butter board-making experience, highlighting local agriculture's contributions to everyday food items.

Also, in Ohio, Fulton County Farm Bureau's "Tomato to Table" breakfast event educated over 3,000 participants on sustainable food production at a local tomato farm, emphasizing the industry's environmental stewardship.

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