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Chef Hughes Spurs Daily Turkey Use in New Campaign

Chef Hughes Spurs Daily Turkey Use in New Campaign


In an innovative push to transform how Canadians view and consume turkey, renowned Chef Chuck Hughes has teamed up with Think Turkey in their latest campaign, 'Do It More Often.' Launched this spring, the campaign seeks to entice Canadian families to integrate turkey into their meals not just during the festive season but all year round. 

Over six weeks, this spirited campaign will roll out across various digital platforms, including social media and connected TV. Through a series of concise 15-second videos, both English and French-speaking Canadians will be introduced to the versatility of turkey. These spots, designed to be as informative as they are entertaining, leverage a mix of humor and culinary expertise to engage viewers. 

Behind this initiative is the belief in turkey's potential as a nutritious and flexible option for daily meals. From morning breakfast to night-time dinners, turkey can be incorporated into a wide array of dishes, including tacos, meatballs, and sheet pan dinners.  

The campaign drives this message home by directing Canadians to the dedicated website,, where Chef Hughes shares his exclusive turkey recipes and cooking techniques. 

This effort is part of the broader Think Turkey campaign, a collaborative project between Turkey Farmers of Canada and the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors. Launched in 2019, the campaign aims at reinventing turkey's image, promoting its health benefits, and highlighting its suitability for various cuisines. 

By partnering with Chef Hughes, the 'Do It More Often' campaign underscores turkey's adaptability and seeks to inspire Canadians to experiment with turkey in their everyday cooking. The goal is to elevate turkey to a staple in Canadian cuisine, encouraging a shift in consumer habits and boosting turkey consumption across the nation. 

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