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David Marit named new Sask. ag minister

David Marit named new Sask. ag minister

Marit formerly served as the Minister of Highways and Infrastructure

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe appointed his next agriculture minister during today’s cabinet shuffle.

David Marit, the MLA for Wood River and who has served as Minister of Highways and Infrastructure since February, will handle the province’s agriculture portfolio.

He owns and operates a farm with his brother, the Saskatchewan Party website says.

Marit replaces Lyle Stewart, who resigned last week following a cancer diagnosis.

 “I’m truly honoured to be given this privilege,” Marit told the Regina Leader-Post yesterday.

Farmers offered opinions on some key issues for the ag minister as he settles into his new role.

Minister Marit may want to start with the federal government’s decision to phase out an important crop protection tool, said Wayne Truman, a canola producer and director with the Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission.

“The banning of neonics over the next three to five years is a big concern for canola producers,” he told today. “That would be the number one concern that I think needs attention.”

Strengthened trade is another important item for Marit, Truman said.

“The minister needs to make sure our market is represented in trade deals,” he said.

“We are going to have to see how things play out with tariffs but I’m sure there will be something there for him to address,” added Dean Erickson, a producer from Birsay, Sask.

Industry organizations welcomed the new ag minister on social media.

“Congratulations to (David Marit) on your appointment as (Saskatchewan’s) Minister of Agriculture,” Emily Pearce Wayner, vice-president of industry competitiveness with Fertilizer Canada, said on Twitter.

“Congrats (David Marit) as the new Minister of AG,” the Sask Farm Stewardship Association said on Twitter. “Perfect time of year to be in AG!”

The federal agriculture minister also welcomed his new provincial colleague.

“Wishing the best for my friend Lyle Stewart in his battle against cancer,” Minister MacAulay posted on Twitter. “I look forward to working with Saskatchewan's new agriculture minister (David Marit) to build upon Minister Stewart's tireless work growing” Saskatchewan agriculture.

Lori Carr, who served as legislative secretary to the Minister of Finance and Government Deputy Whip, will replace Marit as the highways minister.

Saskatchewan Party photo

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