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Degelman adds to its Pro-Till lineup

Degelman adds to its Pro-Till lineup

The implement now comes in 14- and 17-foot models

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Degelman, which specializes in tillage implements, heavy harrows and rock removal equipment, recently introduced two new models in its Pro-Till series.

The Pro-Till 14 and 17 high speed tillage tools are smaller versions of other products in the Pro-Till lineup (20-, 26-, 33- and 40-foot implements). The equipment is ideally pulled between 10 and 14mph (16 to 22 kmh).

The overbuilt frame on the Pro-Till ensures proper soil penetration and shallow faces on the discs help reduce compaction.

Laird McLeod

Although they have a lighter hitch and smaller flotation tires, the new models operate identically to the larger tools in the Pro-Till series, said Laird McLeod, sales manager with Degelman.

“They’re designed with the same manufacturing specs as our larger models,” he told during Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. “As we’ve expanded into parts of Canada and the U.S. where acreages and equipment can be smaller, we’re excited to give smaller farmers something to service their land and prepare the perfect seedbed.”

Rubber furrow rollers on the Pro-Till series allow for uniform seedbed packing, seed placement and depth.

Growers who add Pro-Till to their tillage equipment will be pleased, McLeod said.

“We believe we have the premium seedbed preparation tool in the industry,” he said. “These implements can cut, weed, throw and mix soils all in one pass.”


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