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Egg Farmers Shine as Top Ottawa Employer


For the 12th year in a row, Egg Farmers of Canada stands out as one of the National Capital Region's top employers. This prestigious award by Mediacorp Canada highlights the best workplaces in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.  

With a team of over 60 dedicated employees, Egg Farmers of Canada is celebrated for its innovative human resources approach and a deep commitment to creating a positive work environment. 

"Our entire team's hard work and dedication have earned us this tremendous honour," says Drew Black, CEO. This recognition reflects the staff's diverse efforts and engagement, fostering a strong community within the office. 

Egg Farmers of Canada offers a supportive setting where employees grow, contributing to job satisfaction and loyalty. The workplace boasts competitive benefits, a fitness room, free parking, bike racks, and a rooftop patio.  

Fun social events and team-building activities, like an annual golf tournament and cross-departmental lunches, strengthen bonds among team members. 

This honour joins a list of accolades recognizing Egg Farmers of Canada's commitment to its people, including titles from Waterstone Human Capital and an induction into Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ Hall of Fame.  

The vibrant culture at Egg Farmers of Canada not only promotes excellence in work but also nurtures a sense of belonging, allowing team members to connect with each other and build relationships. This makes it a highly desirable place to work. 

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