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Explore Massey Ferguson’s VE F16 Planter

Explore Massey Ferguson’s VE F16 Planter

Manage Each Row Individually and In Real-Time

By Ryan Ridley

Massey Ferguson’s VE F16 planter is not messing around when it comes to technology. 

This model has many advanced features designed to improve planting accuracy and efficiency, making it a standout choice for modern farmers. 

At the core of the VE F16's technology is retrofitting capabilities thanks to AGCO-owned, Precision Planting. 

For starters, its DeltaForce system provides hydraulic downforce control. DeltaForce allows for precise seed depth adjustment on each row independently.  

Such precision ensures optimal soil contact, which is crucial for consistent germination and growth across varying field conditions. 

Additionally, the planter is equipped with the vSet 2 and vDrive systems. 

The vSet system is known for its reliability and the ability to drive the edge of the meter rather than the center. This design reduces torque and enhances seed placement accuracy. 

The vSet meter boasts over 99 percent singulation accuracy in corn and soybeans. 

For those looking to integrate liquid fertilizers into their planting operations, the VE F16 comes ready with a 500-gallon tank mounted on the tongue which is plumbed to each row. 

The planter also offers options for ground drive or centrifugal pumps, adding to its versatility. 

Adaptability extends to its closing systems, equipped with WaveVision seed tubes and customizable closing wheel options. You can tailor the planter to your specific soil and crop needs.  

Additionally, the planter can be purchased with or without a tailboard, providing flexibility for future upgrades, such as adding the AirForce system. 

Massey Ferguson VE F16 is designed not just to meet but exceed the demands of the modern farmer. 

To learn more about Massey’s VE F16 planter and its technology, watch the below video. 

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