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Father’s Day gifts for the farm father

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st

By Diego Flammini,

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21st and people all over will be running around to different stores in hopes of finding the perfect gift for dad, even though he’ll say he doesn’t want or need anything.

Father and son on a farm

What is the perfect gift for dad?

A tie? A barbecue apron? How about a gift card to their favourite coffee shop?

What about farm dads?

Here’s a few gifts for the special community of farm dads – fathers who have to be strong enough to handle and fix machinery, and at the same time soft enough to wipe away his daughter’s tears.

So God Made a Farmer plaque
Paul Harvey’s infamous address about farmers and how much work they put in is known worldwide. A nice gift for dad could be to have the speech engraved on a piece of wood for him to hang in the barn, office, or wherever he sees fit.

Customized heavy duty phone case
Your dad’s phone is one of his most important tools to keep up to date with the daily farm activities. A heavy duty phone case capable of withstanding serious punishment is a good way to make sure his phone is protected should he drop it, step on it or sit on it.

Manufacturer paraphernalia
Is your dad loyal to one brand of tractor? If so, the possibilities are endless. A logo can be put on a tape measure, tool box, clocks, mugs and more. That way, he can show how proud he is to support that brand.

If you want to take your dad out for the day, there’s options for that, too.

On Sunday, June 21st from 3pm – 7pm at Glenlin Farm in Kimberton, Pennsylvania, you can treat your dad to a tour of the Royal Crown Stables and horse training facility for $60. The day also includes food, drinks and auctions.

For the Canadian dads, from 9:30am – 4:30pm the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum will host a variety of events and demonstrations related to farms and celebrating dad.

Tell us your thoughts about your dad. When did he first introduce you to farming? What are some of your best memories with him on the farm?

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