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Ford: I will not leave farmers behind

Ford: I will not leave farmers behind

Premier meets with ag reps at IPM roundtable

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Ernie Hardeman, minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, showed some support for Ontario’s farmers on Tuesday.
Ford and Hardeman spoke with members of Ontario’s ag sectors in a roundtable discussion at the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo in Chatham-Kent.
The Premier spoke with industry members about the difficulties surrounding international trade issues and how their work is being impacted. He said the government is trying to help.
"Ontario families depend on our farmers to put food on the table every single day, and our government is working hard to make sure Ontario farmers can continue to thrive," Ford said. 
“We will continue to do our part to protect Ontario farmers and farm workers, and we expect our federal counterparts to do the same.”
Ford also noted the economic importance of the province’s ag industry.
“I will use every tool at my disposal to help the agri-food sector grow and protect the thousands of jobs it represents,” he said.
"Sitting down and having these important face-to-face conversations is an excellent opportunity to collaborate and determine the right tools these industries need to strengthen their operations," Ford said.
"We will do everything in our power to protect farmers so that they can continue to feed their families, and families all across Ontario.
“Ontario is open for business, and I will not leave our farmers behind.”
Some Ontario farmers are acknowledging the Premier’s support.
Brian Mels told today that “it means a lot -- it means that someone’s on board to protect farmers.”
Mels, a tobacco, ginseng and cash crop producer from Norfolk County said “a lot of politicians do the talk, but do they do the walk? That’s the thing. They promise the world when they want to get (elected), but when it actually comes to the crunch, they never produce.
“Hopefully Ford does.”
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