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Funnels in a Nutshell

Funnels in a Nutshell

Photo Credit: Uline 

Safety, poly, drum, heavy duty, and utility funnels are important tools on the farm

By Braxten Breen Intern 

An essential tool to the farm that doesn’t get spoken about enough are funnels. They’ve been around for who knows how long and remain a crucial role when transferring liquids or granular on the farm.  Today, many of them have smart features to help get the job done efficiently and with less mess. 

Reducing spillage, maintaining chemical safety, easy handling, and overall efficient liquid/granular transfer year after year a classic funnel never fails at its job.  

At the end of the day, funnels solve the same problem, being able to safely transfer liquid/granular with no spillage. But that doesn’t mean they can’t all be designed for a specific type of purpose.  

Uline carries 6 different funnels, all with the same idea, but all with a specific purpose.  

The Safety Drum Funnel is an 18-gauage galvanized steel lockable funnel designed to transfer flammable solvents, oils, and thinners quickly and safely. A brass tube with flame arrestor will protect contents from sparking, when in an emergency, the lid will automatically shut itself to extinguish flames.  

The Poly Drum Funnel is a polyethylene lockable funnel designed to transfer nonflammable liquids. The funnel itself can screw into 2” bung openings with a removeable screen filter. 

The Oversized Drum Funnel is a molded polyethylene funnel designed to quickly fill drums with solvents, detergents, and waxes. To reduce any splashes when pouring, a 6” sidewall has been incorporated so solvent doesn’t spill.  

The Utility Funnels are chemical-resistant polyethylene designed to safely transfer hazardous liquids. The utility funnels come in multiple sizes 8 oz. 16 oz. or 64 oz. 

The Heavy-Duty Funnels, these are designed to pour motor oil, antifreeze, and other chemicals in the auto shop, or in this case the barn. Choose the fit that suits the farm, whether that is a 64 oz. or a 192 oz., that includes a screen filter at the bottom that traps small debris. 

The last funnel must be one of the more commonly used funnels, produced with durable polypropylene that’s the Funnel for Type 1 Gas Can. Fill and pour straight from the can without removing the funnel with the hinged design. 

Overall, funnels continue to be an essential tool on the farm, where more and more are being produced with a specific purpose behind them.                                             

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