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Kansas farmer sues Monsanto over rogue GMO wheat

Kansas farmer sues Monsanto over rogue GMO wheat

By Amanda Brodhagen,

A Kansas farmer is suing Monsanto after the discovery of unlicensed genetically modified wheat growing in Oregon. The producer is claiming that Monsanto’s gross negligence hurt him and other U.S. wheat growers, by driving down wheat prices and raising the alarms of several international buyers, including Japan.

The producer, Ernest Barnes who farms 1,000 acres in southwest Kansas, is seeking damages, which is to be determined at trial. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said Wednesday that the genetically modified wheat was the same strain developed by Monsanto and tested until 2005 when the seed giant withdrew its application for the product to be licenced with the USDA.  

Monsanto’s vice president and general counsel David Snively released a statement Tuesday, which said "Tractor-chasing lawyers have prematurely filed suit without any evidence of fault and in advance of the crop's harvest”.  Snively concludes by saying that Monsanto will present a vigorous defense.


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