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Keeping kids safe on the farm

Keeping kids safe on the farm

Families can discuss dangers and implement preventative measures in their operations

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer

Now that many farm kids are home for their summer vacations, they may be around equipment while playing outside. These children could be at risk of getting into accidents on the farm.

Thankfully, farmers and their families can take multiple steps to protect people from getting hurt.

For example, producers can designate safe spaces near the house for their children to play in, Todd Arthur, a member of the Elgin Middlesex Farm and Home Safety Council, told today.

Farmers can also talk to their kids to help them understand any boundaries, especially as equipment traffic increases with wheat harvest.

“It’s crucial that kids stay away from wagons as farmers bring in their crops,” Arthur said. “Parents can tell their children not to climb around this equipment.”

Since many kids enjoy riding in tractors and combines with their parents, families should discuss the dangers of this equipment, too.

To avoid any accidents, producers should also ensure someone always watches their children.

“On the farm, parents need to know where their kids are at all times,” he said. “You need to keep an eye on them.”

Arthur has some final words of advice for farm families.

“Be safe out there and be conscious of your surroundings,” he said.

To access farm safety educational resources from the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, click here


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