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Killing the Sugar Program on Halloween?</

Coalition for Sugar Reform Sees Halloween as an Opportunity to Win Support for their Position on the U.S. Sugar Program

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Halloween is being used to make political gaines as the Coalition for Sugar Reform sent out a release on Wednesday calling the U.S. sugar program “one of the last Depression-era ghosts.” The coalition is comprised of “candy-makers” and is attempting to win over their target audience – consumers.They argue that the U.S. sugar program is costing consumers $3.5 billion a year through higher food prices for products that contain sugar and that food processing jobs are taking a hit.

The sugar program protectionist policy designed to protect sugar beet and sugarcane farmers by restricting imports on sugar. However, the American Sugar Alliance disputes this argument by arguing that removal of the sugar program would leave the U.S. dependant on imports. The sugar program is a part of the expired Farm Bill, which is up for another five year renewal. Support for ending the sugar program has been gaining momentum since 2001 when the Farm Bill appeared before Senate, where 46 Senators voted to end the sugar program and 29 senators voted in favour of the program.

The coalition group who hopes to bring about reform on the sugar program saw Halloween as the prime opportunity to communicate their message that the sugar program only benefits farmers and acts as a hidden tax for American consumers every time they want a sugary treat!


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