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Meet the leaders in our 2023 young farmer program

Every year, Egg Farmers of Canada welcomes a new crop of young leaders to take part in our national young farmer program. It’s an opportunity to share best practices, hone leadership skills, expand knowledge and build connections with industry and with other young leaders from across Canada.

These inspiring young people are the future leaders of our sector, and they are already stepping up to make their mark on the industry today. Read on to get to know the 2023 national young farmer program delegates.

Farming is often a family affair, and that’s certainly true for Anders Kornelsen of Rosenort, Manitoba. He farms with his parents, and together with his wife Janelle, is raising two kids who love coming to the barn with him.

Anders is involved in the community through the Manitoba Egg Farmers Egg Ambassador program, sharing his passion and knowledge about the egg industry with consumers at local events. “I liked hearing from consumers that we’re supplying a quality product that they enjoy and appreciate,” says Anders.

As part of the 2023 cohort of the national young farmer program, Anders hopes to expand his knowledge of the family business. “I want to learn more about the industry.”

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