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Missouri to Vote on ‘Right to Farm’ Amendment

By Jean-Paul McDonald,

On August 5, the Missouri electorate will head to the polls to vote on several issues, including Constitutional Amendment 1, also known as the right to farm.

The amendment reads as follows: "Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to ensure that the right of Missouri citizens to engage in agricultural production and ranching practices shall not be infringed?" Constituents will be asked to vote yes or no to the amendment.

Amendment 1 would add some wording to the Missouri Constitution about protecting the rights of farmers and ranchers.

Senator Brian Munzlinger, who is also a farmer, is a supporter of the proposed amendment. Munzlinger argues that agriculture is one of the most important industries, and that passing the amendment would help protect a sector that is so important to the state of Missouri.

But not everyone supports the ballot proposal. Some fear that it could open the door to foreign outsiders and big companies. Those who oppose the amendment change also say that it would give one industry total advantage in the state, while other industries would be second.

A Missouri-based news outlet, KY3, reported recently that Jere Gettle, owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, said that the right to farm amendment takes it too far, ultimately giving farming the same status as religion or freedom of speech.

Voters will decide next month on the right to farm amendment in the primary election ballot. The outcome of Missouri’s vote could determine what happens next with the right to farm movement, and if other states will consider similar amendments. 


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