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Mo. community helps farming family

Mo. community helps farming family

Local volunteers helped harvest Floyd Buckman’s corn

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Missouri community showed its support for a local farm family by helping harvest its corn crop.

More than 50 people from Monroe County donated trucks, time and combines to help the Buckman family harvest their corn fields after a car accident took Floyd Buckman’s life on Aug. 27.

Buckman, 61, was a noticeable face in local neighborhoods. He sang in choirs, played in different bands and served on several community boards.

His generosity to the community is what inspired others to help the family, volunteers said.

“He was a pillar of the community, a great friend to everybody, husband, father, (and a) great farmer,” Jerry Quinn, a family friend who helped with the grain harvest, told WGEM yesterday.

The volunteers plan on returning to the farm for soybean harvest as well, Quinn said.

Buckman’s family is thankful for the local ag community’s support.

“We’ll never be able to express our gratitude and thanks. My dad I know is looking down on all of this and just smiling and (is) so happy,” Jacki Potterfield, Floyd’s daughter, told WGEM.

“I also know that he would’ve done this for anybody and been there in a heartbeat if he could. That’s just the kind of man he was.”

Local resident Del Buckman posted photos of the harvest to his Facebook page.

The support for the Buckman family is what makes Monroe County special for some residents.

“This is heartwarming,” Susan Gerke wrote on Facebook yesterday. “Thanks to all Floyd’s friends and family for pitching in for this harvest. God bless all of you.”

“What an amazing group of people,” Julie McEwen posted on Facebook yesterday. “Families and friends are what life is all about!”

Del Buckman/Facebook photo


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