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Monsanto and Syngenta talking about a merger

Combining the two would create a titan in ag-circles

By Diego Flammini,

If you’re a baseball fan, imagine if the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, two of the most lucrative organizations in baseball who compete with one another on every level, joined forces.

Monsanto                Syngenta

A similar situation looks like it could unfold in the agricultural world.

American seed and crop chemical giant Monsanto has approached Swiss chemical giant, Syngenta, about a merger that, if came to fruition would have more than $30 billion US in revenue.

If the deal came to pass, the company would be the largest seed and chemical company in the world and would compete with Bayer AG, BASF SE, DuPont Co. and Dow Chemical Co.

There are some hurdles, such as antitrust, that could impact the deal. The company would almost monopolize the seed markets so as a result, Monsanto’s offer may include a sale of some of the parts of the combined business venture.

This is the second time Monsanto has approached Syngenta about a possible merger.

Last year, Monsanto investigated a $34 billion takeover of Syngenta that, had the deal gone through, would have seen Monsanto move their offices to Switzerland.

Monsanto and Syngenta, briefly:





St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Basel, Switzerland

Price per stock share as of Monday, May 4th, 2015



Sales (2014)

$15.43 billion

$14.71 billion




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