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Nutreco's Garden of the Future for livestock nutrition

Nutreco's Garden of the Future for livestock nutrition

The Swiss company’s garden project leads the way in livestock nutrition for its Canadian company, Trouw Nutrition Canada.

By Andrew Joseph,; Photos courtesy of Trouw Nutrition and Nutreco

Trouw Nutrition is a leader in phytotechnology—the implementation of solutions to scientific and engineering problems with the use of plants—and, via parent company Nutreco, opened its Nutreco Garden of the Future in Thurgau, Switzerland.

The ground-breaking research conducted at this facility is expected to bring fresh perspectives to the ag feed industry and help develop new and innovative products and solutions.

Activities performed at the Garden of the Future include screening plant candidates, designing biological modelling, analyzing plant chemotypes, developing growing protocols, and processing plants for use as feed additives or feed materials.

Dr. Kathleen Crispi, Director of Innovation for Trouw Nutrition North America, participated in the debut of the facility with Canadian and global customers. “I am excited to be a part of the grand opening program and share how Trouw Nutrition Canada is a leader in the co-development of phytotechnology innovations and how the level of business intimacy our team has with Nutreco’s Exploration (NutEx) team has created valuable solutions for producers. I am looking forward to the continued pipeline development that is possible through this facility and the continued commercialization of phyto-complexes in livestock nutrition.”

Dr. Kathleen Crispi, Director of Innovation for Trouw Nutrition North America presenting at the grand opening of the Nutreco Garden of the Future in Thurgau, Switzerland.

Founded in 1937, Trouw Nutrition Canada is headquartered in Puslinch, Ontario.

Crispi noted that Trouw and Nutreco’s focus on phytogenic feed additives provides science-based solutions that support the host animals' natural defence mechanisms as well as robust physiological functions in all types of conditions.

Trouw Nutrition Canada first introduced Synerco into the Canadian poultry market in September 2023.

To confirm the benefits to producers, Trouw Nutrition Canada investigated Synerco’s effects on broiler chickens in a commercial research facility in British Columbia. The results of this research confirmed that the use of Synerco in broiler production led to improved animal performance, feed efficiency, and economic returns for the producer.

Through the work at Nutreco's Garden of the Future, Trouw Nutrition pioneers plant-based solutions to meet livestock customers' needs while supporting the business mission of feeding the future.

Trouw Nutrition maintains a 90-year history of developing innovative feed products and sustainable methods to raise healthy farm animals and companion animals.

With a presence in 105 countries and 22 manufacturing facilities, it provides feed specialties, feed additives, premixes, nutritional models, and customized, integrated services. The Canadian team consists of some 1,400 people and uses a global network to help customers feed the future. Its brands include Shur-Gain, NutriOpt, Milkiwean, and Selko.

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