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Saving AM radio - Rural voices speak up

Legislative effort to protect radio access 


The American Farm Bureau Federation spearheads efforts to safeguard AM radio accessibility as concerns mount over its potential exclusion from new electric vehicles. Rural communities rely heavily on AM radio for timely updates on weather, commodities, and agricultural policies.

Proposed legislation, the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act, seeks to prevent auto manufacturers from phasing out AM radio, emphasizing its crucial role in rural communication.

Emily Buckman, director of government affairs at the AFBF, highlights the significance of AM radio, particularly during emergencies when swift communication is vital for remote workers.

Auto manufacturers' plans to remove AM radio from electric vehicles due to battery interference have sparked widespread concern. Despite some companies retracting their decisions, the AFBF remains committed to advocating for legislative protection of AM radio access.

Farmers and ranchers are encouraged to participate in the campaign to preserve AM radio availability in rural areas.

By contacting their congressional representatives, they can voice support for the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act, ensuring continued access to essential information for agricultural communities nationwide.

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