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One Handy Driver

One Handy Driver

Well thought out screwdriver means farmers won’t lose the screws.

By Braxten Breen Intern

Worx took the initiative in solving a problem most farmers experience, having to hold the bit while driving, where there is a high chance of dropping or misplacing the screw.

The SD Driver W/ Screw Holder solves this issue, where the farmer can now rapidly reload bit to bit by simply sliding the top of the SD Driver back and forth to cock the next bit into cartridge chamber. This results in the farmer not having to deal with dropping bits as the driver will store the bits in the tool, cock them into place while remaining held by the driver itself.

Farmers will be able to store up to 6 one inch (2.54cm) long ¼ in. (0.63) hex bits in each of the two cartridges, allowing farmers to flawlessly get through the task by simply cocking back the driver.

Go from drilling a hole, to driving a Phillips, to driving a flat head with the semi-automatic bit changer. Choosing the right bit for the job is easy, just rotate the cartridge to the proper bit, shut the chamber and the farmer is cocked, locked and ready!

With stored bits, the farmer has free hand ability to use the SD Driver with ease for one-handed operation, whether it’s above the head or hard to reach places around the farm. Visibility day or night is not a problem either. When the trigger is pressed an LED light will automatically appear in the vision of the bit, allowing the farmer to work with ease during nights on the farm.

A powerful 4V Max Lithium battery will hold charge for up to 18-months and only needs 5-hours of charge to be fully recharged.

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