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Pork producers launch $100,000 pork chop contest

#100kPorkChop - Hunt for D.C.'s best pork chop begins!


Pork producers are sizzling up a storm in the Washington D.C. area with the launch of the #100kPorkChop competition. Supported by various organizations, this culinary quest aims to find the most tantalizing pork chop in the Capital Beltway region.

Restaurants in the area are invited to sign up for the challenge until June 17. Once registered, they'll vie for the prestigious title and a hefty $100,000 cash prize. But the competition isn't just about bragging rights and big bucks; it's also about giving back to the community.

Pork producers pledge to donate $100,000 worth of pork products to local food banks, adding a generous flavor to the mix.

The contest unfolds in two exciting phases. From June 19 to July 3, the public will have the chance to sample chops from participating restaurants and cast their votes in the People's Pork Chop Awards.

The top contenders, numbering between three to five, will then advance to the final showdown in front of a panel of culinary experts and pork producers.

The winner of the #100kPorkChop challenge will be crowned on July 23 during the grand food bank donation presentation. It's not just about finding the best pork chop; it's about celebrating local cuisine, supporting restaurants, and making a positive impact on the community.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to indulge your taste buds while supporting a good cause. Join us in the search for D.C.'s ultimate pork chop in the #100kPorkChop competition!

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