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Precision Agriculture Conference kicks off February 25

Financing, commodities and seeds among topics to be explored

By Diego Flammini,

As new technology is introduced into any marketplace, the industry it’s meant for and society must adapt.

Imagine the excitement when the invention of the wheel took place allowing people and goods to be moved faster than on foot.

Or in 1450 when German inventor Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable printing press, literature became more readily available as opposed to when scribes would write out the books manually.

When Thomas Edison produced the first commercial-grade incandescent light around 1879, it allowed people to work for longer periods of time and not rely solely on the sun.

Agriculture is not immune to technological advances, either. Imagine the delight when the transition was made from horses to tractors, allowing for work to be done in the fields longer and faster.

On February 25 and 26 at the Best Western Lamplighter in London, Ontario, will celebrate technology and precision agriculture at the 2nd annual Precision Agriculture Conference.

The theme for the conference is “Practical Pathways to Drive Real Results” and will feature industry experts, how-to sessions and farmers using precision ag practices who have seen positive results.

“The Precision Agriculture Conference is going to be bigger and better this year,” said Executive Vice President Joe Dales. “We have a very strong roster of expert speakers and the leading companies exhibiting so the farmers and agronomists will be able to interact and ask questions of the very best from across North America.”   

Visitors will be able to visit vendor booths, network with new contacts and listen to an array of speakers including Steve Denys, Vice President at Pride Seeds, Barry Raymer, owner of Practical Precision and Lisa Prassack, an agri-food innovation expert and data strategy consultant.

Precision Agriculture Conference

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