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Preparing for crisis on the farm

Preparing for crisis on the farm

Producers will participate in fire extinguisher training and learn how to prevent accidents

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer

Two industry groups are offering members of the swine industry an opportunity to improve their health and safety knowledge.

Ontario Pork and the Ontario Pork Industry Council (OPIC) will host two identical workshops – one at the Mitchell Community Centre on July 11 and a second at the Coldstream Community Centre on Aug. 21 – to engage producers and their staff in hands-on training and informative presentations.

For example, participants will undergo training to receive their Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS) and Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) certificates.

The seminars will also prepare producers to respond to crisis situations, such as when employees become injured on their farms, Andrea De Groot, managing director of the OPIC, told today.

As part of this training segment, guests from local fire departments will discuss “how emergency services (personnel) prepare for and respond to 911 calls on farms,” De Groot said.

Producers will also practice using fire extinguishers and learn how to react if barn fires occur. Experts will share tips on how farmers can help prevent these incidents, too. 

In the afternoon, Dr. Kevin Vilaca, a veterinarian at South West Ontario Veterinary Services in Listowel, Ont., will discuss drug classifications and how producers can safely use these products on the farm, De Groot said.

During Dr. Vilaca’s presentation, participants will also learn about “the risks of (swine) diseases and their potential impacts on human health,” she said. 

Jay Remsik, an instructor with Workplace Safety Prevention Services, will share updates about the Ministry of Labour’s workplace regulations.

Ontario Pork will provide participants with additional resources, including emergency response binders and information on regulatory updates.

Attendees must register and pay $40 to participate in either seminar. 


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