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Redefining women’s outdoor workwear

Redefining women’s outdoor workwear

Rolling D Workwear provides functional and stylish clothing for women who work outdoors

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The idea to start Rolling D Workwear started over coffee. Tomina Jackson and her female family members were discussing where to buy workwear and the fact that many them wore men’s and boy’s clothing.

“That's really the moment that sparked the idea for a women's workwear line. So, from that point, we just started brainstorming about everything that we wanted to have in our workwear how we wanted it to look, how we wanted it to feel,” Jackson told She is a co-founder of Rolling D Workwear.

From there, a drawing emerged of the Home Farm Vest. This drawing was taken to Cheryl Digby, Jackson’s aunt and co-founder of Rolling D Workwear who owns a sewing manufacturing facility in Morden, Man.

“Before I knew it, there was a prototype and Rolling D Workwear really began to take shape,” said Jackson.

After a couple of years of testing on the family farm near Inglis, Man. and getting the product just right, Rolling D Workwear was officially launched Feb. 3, 2021. So far, the company has the Home Farm Vest in two colours, but the plan is to grow and offer more options for women, said Jackson.

Woman on horse“The business is meant to provide functional and stylish clothing to women who work outdoors. I would say that Rolling D Workwear is really an ode and an effort of our whole family of which many are women who farm,” she said.

Jackson’s family were also the inspiration behind the company’s name.

“The name Rolling D was the name of my grandparent’s farm,” said Jackson. “My grandparents raised a family that's full of women and they were always so supportive of us no matter the path that we were taking. So, I hope they would be proud that we're carrying on the family tradition.”

Along with continuing to grow the company, a goal of Rolling D Workwear is to contribute to the community of women in ag and to the local economy by providing women with quality workwear that’s made in Canada, said Jackson.

“We believe that women deserve to have workwear that's reflective of their professional life. It's important to have clothing that's not only functional, but also have clothing that fits. So, this is our version of the power suit, if you will,” she said.

Rolling D Workwear can be found on social media and through their website.

Photo credit: Tomina Jackson photos

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