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Texas ranch selling for $725 million

W.T. Waggoner Estate stretches more than 510,000 acres

By Diego Flammini,

If you’re looking to purchase farmland and happen to have an extra $725 million in cash handy, there’s a property with your name on it.

Texas’ W.T. Waggoner Estate, which encompasses 510,527 acres and six counties is on the market.

For Sale Sign

According to the ranch’s website, it is “the largest ranch in Texas under one fence.”

The farm, that specializes in raising horses and cattle is being sold as a single property and will not be split up.

Assume that you’re interested. What does $725 million get you?

  • 510,527 acres of land
  • 160,000 acres of oil property
  • 26,000 acres of farmland that produces wheat, oats and hay

If W.T. Waggoner Estate doesn’t fit your farming needs or is out of your price range, here are some other luxuriously-priced farms to consider.

IX Ranch in Chouteau County, Montana has a price tag of $64.5 million. Its 126,000 acres (59,809 are deeded) are used by the current owners to run a cattle herd of 4,300.

101 Ranch in Elmore County, Idaho is selling for $14 million. Over 1100 acres are irrigated and farmers can grow peas, beans, sweet corn and other crops.

A farm in East Garafraxa, Ontario, Canada, near Guelph is selling for $16.5 million. The farm stretches 1,054 acres with 909 being workable. There are 2 barns on slatted floors and one on straw can accommodate between 4600-4800 head of cattle per year.

It also includes an 80 truck scale, heated shop, five brick homes, all barn and feeding equipment.

Tell us your thoughts on these high-priced farms. Would you ever want to own that much land? What would you do with it?

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