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Canadian government invests in aquaculture

Investment will equal close to $2.5 million

By Diego Flammini,

Aquaculture is an ever growing industry and news out of Prince Edward Island shows that the Canadian government is taking notice and doing their part to help it continue to grow.

Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Regional Minister for Prince Edward Island and who is also the Member of Parliament for Egmont announced a government investment of nearly $2.5 million to the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA).

The CAIA will use the monies to perform market research, attend international trade shows and lead missions to make potential trade partners aware of Canada’s farmed seafood including salmon, mussels sablefish sturgeon and oysters.

The primary international targets are the United States, Asia and Europe.

"Aquaculture represents nearly 50% of seafood consumed worldwide,” Minister Shea said. “Thanks to our Government ambitious free trade agenda, economic opportunities for this sector are greater than ever. We are proud to support this industry in their efforts to market and promote high-quality products to key international markets while creating employment opportunities and economic growth in rural, Aboriginal and coastal communities.”

Canada’s aquaculture industry at a glance:

  • 85% of Canada’s aquaculture is exported at an estimated total value of $576 million
  • Canada ranks 26th in world aquaculture in terms of production and is the 4th largest salmon producing country
  • Total sales of fish and seafood in 2014 was $4.9 billion – up from $517 million in 2013


Tell us your thoughts on the Canadian government investing close to $2.5 million into the country’s aquaculture sector. As a fish farmer does it encourage you to know your products will be showcased worldwide?

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