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The Massey Ferguson 180 shines with the Perkins diesel engine

The tractor was produced from 1964 to 1968

IN THE SHOP with Rachel

By Rachel Gingell

The Massey Ferguson 180 is a very inexpensive tractor in the used market these days and, when used for the correct applications, it’s a great value.

The best thing about this tractor is the rock-solid, four-cylinder Perkins diesel engine. I can’t say enough about this engine! It’s extremely reliable, easy to work on, and gets great fuel economy. Parts are plentiful and inexpensive. Massey Ferguson used this same engine in many of the company’s tractors and it’s held up well over the years.

This model also came with a Perkins or Continental gasoline engine. The Continental engine was standard in the tractors Massey Ferguson produced between 1964 and 1968. In 1969, Massey Ferguson switched to the Perkins gasoline engine in the 180. Both the Continental and Perkins gasoline engines are fine options but this tractor really shines with the diesel engine.


If you purchase a gasoline version of this tractor, be sure you know if you have the Perkins or Continental engine. You’ll need to be careful to order the correct parts for repairs.

This model also came with a full range of options, including a multi-power transmission, a live PTO and power steering.

I’ve been a fan of Massey Ferguson tractors ever since my dad opened a Massey dealership when I was a child. The vast majority of their products are rugged, reliable and deserve my highest recommendation. But even a great manufacturer like Massey Ferguson will make less desirable tractors from time to time and the 180 has some drawbacks.

The trouble comes from the PTO and hydraulic systems, which aren’t as reliable as other models. While parts are easy enough to find and repairs aren’t complicated, I don’t recommend this model for applications that require heavy or frequent PTO or hydraulic use. For a similarly sized but more dependable Massey, check out the model 135 – which is one of my all-time favorite tractors!

Even with this drawback, the 180 can be a great buy for farms that don’t need heavy PTO and hydraulic use. It’s a very fuel-efficient and inexpensive tractor and, if uses for the right applications, the 180 can be an excellent value.

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