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The Rhino of All Terrain Moving Cart’s

The Rhino of All Terrain Moving Cart’s

Photo Credit: Rhino Cart YouTube 

Transport equipment/supplies over uneven surface on the farm

Byline: Braxten Breen, Intern 

Every farm has diverse landscapes, from uneven terrain, muddy fields, to gravel roads. The uneven terrain can often present challenges when transporting heavy loads, equipment, and supplies.  

In the farm industry, farmers have found the need for an all-terrain cart is paramount, with versatility, durability, reduced physical strain, all-terrain carts optimize productivity. 

The Rhino Cart by All Terrain Mover will ensure your productivity is optimized. 

Assembled with poly resin blend as the deck, two cross bars of steel, and eight urethane wheels, The Rhino cart offers one of the most rugged all-terrain carts on the market. 

With the ability to carry 2,000lbs, the Rhino Cart can conquer thresholds, uneven surfaces, hard pack dirt, and gravel roads at its maximum capacity.  

The length of the Rhino Cart can be adjusted, and the sides can be completely separated allowing for maximum flexibility when moving items on the farm.   

Farmers will be able to reduce physical strain by transporting anything up to 2,000lbs over any terrain with the Rhino Cart from All Terrain Mover. 

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