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Upgrade Your Small Square Baler with Massey SimplEbale

Upgrade Your Small Square Baler with Massey SimplEbale

Bringing Large Baler Tech to Small Square Balers 

By Ryan Ridley

The SimplEbale system from Massey Ferguson is an exciting innovation for small square baler owners.  

This retrofit kit allows users to experience features typically found on larger square balers, enhancing efficiency and control during baling operations. spoke with Luke Weller, Engineering Manager for Massey Ferguson, to learn more about the SimplEbale. 

Weller started by saying that the SimplEbale is compatible with the Massey Ferguson 1840 and 1844S models. It equips existing balers with functionalities like in-cab bale length control, flake count monitoring, and density adjustment. 

Additionally, the system offers moisture sensor compatibility, a feature commonly sought after in modern baling equipment. 

One of the key benefits of SimplEbale is its broad applicability.  While initially launched for the 1840 and 1844S models, Weller noted that with a little ingenuity, this technology could be added to any baler on the market (even those much older but still reliable units). 

This versatility makes SimplEbale a cost-effective solution for farmers seeking to upgrade their existing equipment, aligning with AGCO’s retrofit strategy. 

The installation process is designed for ease of use. With minimal modifications, users can equip their balers with the SimplEbale harness and sensors.  For those seeking the ultimate level of automation, an optional bale scale can be integrated to deliver consistent bale weight throughout operation says Weller. 

Weller highlights the three key advantages of SimplEbale: increased operator efficiency, improved bale formation, and enhanced service and reliability. The system empowers operators with greater control and simplifies baling processes. 

In terms of service and reliability, SimplEbale boasts several user-friendly features including new LED service and field lights, while conveniently grouping all fuses and relays in a centralized location.  

The user-friendly monitor offers in-field updates via smartphone connectivity, maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime during baling operations. 

Watch this video to learn more about the SimplEbale from Massey Ferguson. 

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