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Unveiling Case IH’s 250 series combines

The new combines feature many advances, including a redesigned feeder floor and optional AFS Harvest Command

Case IH’s new 250 series Axial-Flow combines are state of the art and will change the way farmers harvest crops around the globe.

The combines have a two-speed transmission with a harvesting speed and a transporting speed. This allows operators to maintain productivity in all conditions by giving them increased tractive effort.
The 250 series combines also include a redesigned feeder floor, going from a three-piece to a two-piece and lowering it by 20 mm. This change benefits canola producers, resulting in less waste and a higher quality crop.
Optional feeder fore/aft adjustment gives the farmer in-cab adjustment capability and maintains the proper geometry needed for the highest level of productivity. Operators can also move the feeder fore/aft adjustment 11.5 degrees rearward to help harvest down corn.
The 250 series also has a standard feature which allows producers to adjust the cage vanes manually with a turnbuckle as opposed to a wrench. Additionally, an optional feature allows operators to adjust the cage vanes from inside of the cab.
The biggest feature of the new 250 series combine is the optional AFS Harvest Command. This technology uses 16 sensors to adjust seven combine functions: ground speed, rotor speed, pre-sieve, top sieve, lower sieve and cleaning fan.
Case IH 7250, part of the Case IH 250 Series combines
Case IH 7250
The operator can monitor all functions from inside the cab. This proactive system allows farmers to see what is happening in real time, allowing them to make adjustments as necessary.
Operators can select one of four modes of automation in the AFS Harvest Command: 
  • performance mode: the combine operates at a speed to ensure an acceptable level of grain loss from the rotor and cleaning system.
  • fixed throughput mode: the combine maintains a target throughput by varying its speed, and adjusts settings to minimize losses.
  • maximum throughput mode: the combine operates up to the speed or power limit set by the operator, while adjusting settings to minimize grain loss from the rotor and the cleaning system.
  • grain quality mode: the combine adjusts settings to maintain a targeted grain quality and impurity level, while also minimizing losses.
Simply choose the mode that best matches the harvesting goals. AFS Harvest Command gives the operator the ability to harvest consistently throughout all fields, regardless of his or her experience level. 
The 250 series Axial-Flow combines will be available for 2019, and will replace the 7240, 8240 and 9240 models.


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