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USDA invests in organic agriculture's future


The USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service has awarded $40.5 million through the Organic Market Development Grant program, aiming to revolutionize the organic sector. The announcement, made at the prestigious Natural Products Expo West, underscores the commitment to advancing organic agriculture across the nation.

With a vision to foster a resilient and sustainable food system, these grants will facilitate the development and expansion of organic markets. Projects such as upgrading Almar Orchards' facilities for baby food production and initiating the Southeast's first certified organic peanut oil production illustrate the program's impact on enhancing organic processing capabilities and market access. 

These efforts are integral to the USDA's Organic Transition Initiative, which supports farmers in adopting organic practices and promotes a diversified, equitable food system. Addressing specific market needs, from organic grains to legumes, this funding round highlights the USDA's dedication to nurturing the organic industry's growth and ensuring long-term sustainability.

This significant investment not only supports the organic industry's infrastructure but also aligns with broader USDA goals, including climate-smart agriculture and equitable food access. By strengthening the organic market, the USDA is laying the groundwork for a healthier, more sustainable agricultural future, benefiting both rural producers and consumers nationwide.

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