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USDA salutes farmers on 51st National Agriculture Day


The 51st National Agriculture Day brought a message of gratitude and commitment from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who lauded the American agriculture community for their role in maintaining a stable and accessible food supply. Highlighting the USDA's efforts to back farmers and farmworkers, Vilsack outlined the department's focus on providing equal access to resources, exploring new markets, and advocating for agricultural communities at all levels.

Vilsack celebrated the contributions of farmers and farmworkers to not just the nation's food supply but also to the economic vitality of rural areas, the health of school children, and the global environment. He stressed the importance of their dedication in the face of challenges such as pandemics, trade disputes, and climate change, underscoring the newfound public awareness of agriculture's essential role.

Echoing this year's theme, 'Growing a Climate for Tomorrow,' Vilsack detailed the USDA's commitment to supporting agriculture through innovative programs aimed at new farmers, climate adaptation strategies, and efforts to diversify the agricultural workforce.

The USDA's vision includes creating a future where agriculture is recognized not only for its critical role in feeding the world but also for its contribution to environmental conservation and sustainability. By fostering a supportive environment, the USDA aims to ensure the growth and success of American agriculture, making it resilient and sustainable for future generations.

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