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What’s on a farmer’s playlist?

What’s on a farmer’s playlist?

Growers share what they listen to while operating equipment

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

How do farmers pass the time when they’re driving tractors, combines or other equipment for several hours during the day? posed the question to growers in Ontario to find out what keeps them entertained during their time in the field.

For David Giffen, a cash crop and sheep producer from Middlesex County, the FM radio remains king.

“It’s usually the radio for me,” he told “I mostly listen to 97.5 (Virgin Radio) or 92.7 (Today’s Country BX93). I don’t really listen to any news or sports on the AM dial.”

Ken Smith, a cash crop and beef farmer from Lambton County, listens to satellite radio when he wants the latest farm news.

For general news beyond the farm, Smith tunes up CBC radio, he said.

But when it’s time to listen to music, Smith turns to his iPod for some classic rock.

“My favourite artist is Bob Dylan, so I listen to a lot of his music,” Smith said to “I also like Leonard Cohen and Corb Lund.”

For Tracy Dafoe, a beef and dairy producer from Peterborough, FM radio is her entertainment while working in the field.

Her station of choice plays music that reminds her of her upbringing.

“We usually listen to (97.7) Moose FM out of Bancroft,” she said. That station “plays music from the ‘80s and older, which fits in with our age bracket.”

Keep the conversation going and let know what you listen to while driving your farm equipment.

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99.3 County FM Picton Ont & 88.7 My FM Napanee Ont. do it for me
Ron Norton |Jun 10 2019 3:15PM
JAMES M.MONTFORT |Jun 10 2019 8:23AM