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Year-Round Wokhorse: Toro’s GrandStand MULTI FORCE

Year-Round Wokhorse: Toro’s GrandStand MULTI FORCE

Multi-Purpose Tool Expands Beyond Mowing with Seasonal Attachments

By Ryan Ridley

Property maintenance is year-round. And so are the capabilities of Toro’s GrandStand MULTI FORCE. 

Nolan Bangert, director of marketing for the Toro Company, recently showcased the innovative GrandStand MULTI FORCE. 

This versatile piece of equipment is designed to handle various tasks throughout the year. 

Unlike typical mowers, the GrandStand MULTI FORCE starts as a mowing machine but offers much more functionality through its various attachments.  

It features a MULTI FORCE dump bed, which allows you to collect and hydraulically dump materials.  

Additionally, the machine can be equipped with a Boss snowplow for clearing laneways in winter and other attachments like a power broom and leaf rake for year-round grounds maintenance. 

The power behind the GrandStand MULTI FORCE is a 26.5 horsepower Kohler EFI engine.  

The equipment also comes with a choice of a 52-inch or 60-inch mowing deck. 

Toro stands firmly behind this product with a five-year, 1200-hour warranty, alongside a two-year unlimited warranty, ensuring peace of mind regardless of how extensively the equipment is used.  

The GrandStand MULTI FORCE presents a reliable and efficient solution for versatile, high-performance outdoor machinery.  

Watch below to learn more about its capabilities. 

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