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2013 Planting Report: Planting Rolls On in the Eastern U.S.

We’re in the thick of planting up and down my territory. In the Carolinas, producers are 95 percent done planting corn and 90 percent done planting tobacco. Cold weather has delayed cotton planting by a week or so, but they’re getting started, all the way up into Virginia, too.

In Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, growers are about 50 percent done planting corn, but it’s been a little cool and damp. Guys have been able to plant between rain showers. Soybean planting has just started.

They’ve started planting in Pennsylvania and New York. Planting specialty crops (produce, sweet corn, food-grade peas, potatoes, etc.) is well underway all the way down the coast.

Some growers have started planting full-season soybeans, with planting increasing over the next couple of weeks. The Case IH True-Tandem™ 330 Turbo is a popular choice among farmers to cut up residue and prepare seedbeds.

For many farmers in my area, the Case IH Early Riser® planter creates an ideal seed environment. Growers like that it minimizes compaction and has such an accurate depth setting for increased germination while also allowing them to adjust the row unit to plant at different depths depending on soil moisture. It provides a lot of flexibility.

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