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2024 Crop Production Clinics Begin Jan. 3, 2024

Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 3, the 2024 Nebraska Crop Production Clinics will feature live presentations and present research updates and information tailored to regional crop issues and grower interests. Sponsored by Nebraska Extension, the programs will be held on eight days throughout January, with the final clinic offered on Tuesday, Jan. 23. The clinic on Jan. 23 will be in partnership with the Nebraska Agribusiness Association Expo and will include free admission to the Expo tradeshow.

2024 Clinic Dates and Locations:

  • Jan. 3 — Gering Civic Center, Gering
  • Jan. 4 — West Central Research Extension and Education Center (WCREEC), North Platte
  • Jan. 9 — Northeast Community College, Norfolk
  • Jan. 10 — Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center (ENREEC), Mead
  • Jan. 11 — Holiday Inn Express, Beatrice
  • Jan. 17 — Lochland Country Club, Hastings
  • Jan. 19 — Holthus Convention Center, York
  • Jan. 23 — Crowne Plaza and Younes Conference Center, Kearney at the Nebraska Agribusiness Association Expo

Individual clinics will be customized to address topics specific to that area of the state, allowing attendees to engage with research-based information on the issues that may be faced locally.

Visit the Crop Production Clinics 2024 website for the most up-to-date information.

Registration is available online for each location. Pre-registration is required and costs $95.

Certified Crop Advisor credits will be available in crop production, nutrient management, integrated pest management, soil and water management.

Pesticide Applicator Recertification

The clinics will offer commercial and non-commercial pesticide applicators an opportunity to renew their licenses in the general standards, ag plant and demonstration/research categories.

The clinics are also a venue for private pesticide applicators to renew their licenses.

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