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Ag Meteorologist Expecting More Rain Heading Into Summer

The Senior Agricultural Meteorologist with World Weather Inc. is expecting to see more precipitation heading into summer.
"I think we are probably going to eventually get into a wet weather mode," said Drew Lerner. "Some people will tell me right away that it's already been wet. The idea here is that we're going to go back into a little bit of a cooler air mass coming up here...going into the first days of June. So it will kind of cool down, we'll probably see some drier air around for a little bit and then as soon as that starts to abate from the region we'll start to get warming up again and that will bring some rain with it."
Lerner gave his forecast for further down the road.
"As we get into the later part of June and go into July and August, I think there will be a relatively high frequency of rainfall across the southern half to two-thirds of Manitoba," he added. "A little less precipitation in the north. I think we'll have a little bit of a wetter bias, and we'll probably have the temperatures holding in a relatively seasonal range with a slight warmer bias."
Lerner says soil moisture levels across the province are quite variable at this point.
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